Additional Services in Dothan, AL

Dothan Irrigation is a full-service irrigation specialist, offering a wide range of peripheral services in addition to irrigation-specific work. Our trusted professionals are ready to tackle any kind of project at a reasonable price, including installing a French drain system in Dothan, AL, and surrounding areas.

Whether it’s design, installation, or repair and maintenance, we provide complete, worry-free solutions for every property in lower Alabama.

french drain

French drain

This is a useful technique for dealing with tough to drain lawns. This involves digging a trench we fill with gravel or rocks. A perforated pipe inside the trench directs water away from the area. This method may be used to keep foundations dry and alleviate pressure from groundwater. If you’re consistently having issues with a leaky basement, a French drain may be the solution. When it comes to French drain installation near Dothan, AL, we have the know-how to complete the job.

back hoe

Retaining Walls

Did you know that Dothan Irrigation provides hardscaping services in Dothan, AL as well as irrigation? We specialize in building high quality and attractive landscape retaining walls that will add structure and character to your yard and any other outside areas around your home. We’re the absolute best at irrigation systems and more throughout the greater Dothan, AL area.

backhoe at dusk

Backhoe services

Sometimes stumps, shrubs, and other debris get in the way, causing major irrigation problems and costing you money. Luckily, we have the heavy-duty tools and expertise to remove these blockages and make your irrigation system run at its highest level. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining your home or business.

sodding things

Grading and sodding

We can completely makeover your property with grading and sodding. Sodding is replacing an existing lawn (or part of a lawn) with a mature turf. This is a durable, long-term solution many homeowners are choosing. Your neighbors will be stunned at how perfect your new lawn looks.

Make your lawn look beautiful today!

Since 1976, customers have trusted us to provide high-efficiency, optimal results for their prized properties. For irrigation repair, installation, design, and much more rely on the seasoned expertise of Dothan Irrigation. Contact us today at 334-797-9030.